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I am rather pleased on how this turned out. I did miss one trace. though I blame Diptrace! The two traces where touching in the schismatic but they where not linked. Its easy enough to tell since linked traces have relatively large circles on them. I fixed the schismatic and re-loaded the Gerber files onto OSH Park. You can see the small wire I put in place in front of the middle switch.

Once I added that wire it started working exactly as I wanted it it. And As I was hopping my IBM T42 Thinkpad (best laptop EVER by the way) power cord power the bbps perfectly. Powering it by both the 5V USB or the 16V power cord outputs the same exact voltage. The USB data pass-through also works as expected. I have also created a Project page. You can find links to OSH Park as well as the Mouser parts list page.

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