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This did not go as planed. First off I left out a trace and a resistor. Thus the enormous resistor. I did however learn allot.

When soldering SMD parts, your using to much solder. If you think your using the right amount you still using to much! I know its considered blasphemy but I have the best results by putting an ever so small dab of solder on the tip of the soldering iron. Then with flux already on the part just tap one of the pads for a split second.

Not surprisingly I had the most trouble with the QFN crystal that I am using. I used the same technique as mentioned above accept I added the solder directly to the pads without the chip on them. Then I applied more flux. Then after placing the chip touched each corner with the soldering iron to re-heat the solder. That is not what i did to start out. I attempted to remove the crystal and attempt it again. Unfortunately I am an ogre and ripped off one of the tracers. you can see the through hole i attempted to patch in.

Most would consider these soldering techniques absolutely horrible and say to never do it. I however am more interested in the results than the methods.

Finally, Network cables make for HORRIBLE patch cables. At least the cheap shit i have is. Not only is is stiff but the melting temperature of the insulation is way to low for soldering.

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