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So i have been using a 1.5″ x 3.5′” PVC reducer as the housing for the motion sensor as well as the stand for the billiard ball. I really could not ask for anything better. The one problem i always had was the distance between the motion sensor lens and the billiard ball According the ADNS-9500 technical manual it should be at a distance of 2.4 mm with a tolerance of +-0.22. Really? 0.22 mm tolerance. I realize in the grand scheme of things a tolerance of four tenths of a millimeter is really not all that precise.  However its not really possible to eyeball that. I was having trouble getting a good measurement so I created a cutout.  I have always really like cutaway models. So after creating the cutaway I was able to get some accurate measurements. It turns out I need to cut the upper PVC ring so it has a height of exactly 8 mm.

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I have not done much with the trackball as of late. To be honest i have been a bit discouraged with Avago pulling there optical navigation chips after selling there IP’s to Pixart. I had a feeling that Pixart would eventually put there newly acquired IP’s to good use and it looks like there going to do just that. From June 4th to 8th, 2013 at Grand Hyatt Taipei in Taiwan where they will be…

Introducing our range of new products for the Navigation Sensors, like Wireless Gaming, Market’s lowest power sensors for both Laser and LED wireless application

HAPPY DAYS! I just hope that the distributors actually get them and don’t take to long to do so.

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