All posts for the month March, 2013

I really put some time into fleshing out the PCB design. I am quite pleased with this first revision. This was my first attempt at designing anything like this so allot of time was spent learning what I needed to do and then how to do it. It was a bit overwhelming when I first create the PCB from the schematic (Image 2). Cluster-fuck is a good way to describe the “ratlines”. However once I got the hang of the interface I found it rather fun to lay the components out and run the traces, almost like a puzzle.  I had to redo a few parts but overall it went fairly smoothly,  it just took some time.

There are no design rule or net connectivity errors, which in programming terms means “it compiles so it must be correct” 😀 I will be taking a break for a week or two. Then come back and go through each component and each trace in both the schematic and layout files (again). The less then fun part. Then on to OSH Park

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