I started a new small project. I am calling it bbps (Bread Board Power Supply). I realize there are quite a few of these out there already. They are all missing one thing that would be a REALLY nice feature. USB data line pass-through. Maybe it is because I am mostly interested in making PC peripherals but I am somewhat surprised that there is nothing out there already that has the feature set I am looking for. A good potion of this design is straight from my loststone project.

Features I am looking for in a breadboard power supply…

  1. Independently selectable 3.3V and 5V for two power bars.
  2. Optional shutdown a single power bar.
  3. Provide power from both a wall wart or a USB connection.
  4. ESD protection. (I think I went a bit over board on this front)
  5. USB data line pass-through
  6. Stable. Don’t want it flopping around.

I have place the OSHPark order and will be placing the Mouser order shortly

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